Residential Program for Men

Four Rivers Outreach offers a Residential Transitional Living Program for men who are in Recovery.  In order to be eligible for the Transitional Program, you must first complete detoxification and treatment if necessary.

The Residential Program is divided into 3 phases, each approximately 4 months in length.

Phase I – focuses on getting away from the bad influences in your life, really getting to know yourself, learning what it is to be a real man, and building a foundational relationship with God.  During Phase I, residents are allowed to work minimally with approved people in order to cover a small amount of spending money, court fees, and other similar expenses.

Phase II – focuses on continuing to build your relationship with God, and on Servant Leadership.  During Phase II, residents are allowed to work as in Phase I, but will develop a plan for independent living after the program, and will begin looking for a job.

Phase III – focuses on continuing to build your relationship with God, while also working on budgeting and other life skills necessary for independent living.  During Phase III, residents are expected to find full time work and begin saving money to allow them to live on their own.

Residential Program Overview

If you are interested in the Residential Program, contact Four Rivers Outreach at 903,870.4000, to schedule an appointment for an interview.