Overcoming Addiction

The Stages of Overcoming Addiction:

For people who have been in addiction and want out, there are three stages:

Detoxification – to safely remove the chemicals and poisons from their body. Detoxification is typically a medically controlled process and varies in duration, but is generally a week or less.

Treatment – after detoxification to help them overcome the cravings until they have broken the cycle.  It usually takes approximately 28 days to break a habit, identify the “triggers” that cause people to use, and develop tools to help resist the temptation when one of those triggers occurs.

Recovery – after treatment, a period of time devoted to helping the addict make the necessary changes in their life to prevent them from using again.  Recovery lasts for the rest of the addict’s life.

At Four Rivers, we are focused on the Recovery phase. We offer recovery classes, counseling, transitional living arrangements, and other related services to help those who are in recovery rebuild their lives.

How it Works:

First Step – Admit you need help.  If you, or someone you know, has an addiction, the first step in overcoming it is to admit it, and acknowledge you can’t quit on your own.

Second Step – Evaluation.  Once you have admitted you have an addiction, and need help, you need to come to Four Rivers for a brief evaluation.  During this evaluation, we will help you determine the next step in your treatment.

Third Step – Detoxification and Treatment.  We will help you locate the right facility to provide the detoxification and treatment services.

Fourth Step – Recovery.  After you have completed treatment, we will help you figure out how to make your recovery work.  After treatment many addicts find they have no place to go because they have destroyed relationships with their family and friends, or because they need to stay away from those who would lead them right back into addiction.  Four Rivers offers a transitional living program for men, and recovery classes for men and women – both designed to help rebuild your life.

Residential Program for Men